What we do

We build high quality web, mobile and desktop platforms for startups, from early first versions to later stage systems. We also take over existing platforms and provide fix, maintain and new feature services.

Our terms are very reasonable, fixed prices, no open ended contracts.
We understand that you need to own the IP, we'll even help you transfer it to your own team when you're ready.

We specialise in Ruby on Rails, NodeJS, iOS & Android development.



Solid Prototyping
We build your Minimum Viable Product (MVP). The result is a stable and tested piece of software ready to deploy. We develop and build the product with future iterations in mind and adhere to industry standards.
If you have an idea and want to bootstrap your product or you want to dramatically improve your pitch to investors, this service is perfect for you.
Scalable Partnerships
We are your team for your launch and growth phase. Fast iterations and responsive change management based on continuously updated metrics.

Solid Prototyping and Scalable Partnerships together represent a complete development cycle.
Emergency Consulting
We send in our firefighters when things are crumbling. Many companies rely on insufficient, insecure or faulty technology. Often contractors do not hold what they promise. Unexpected growth and traffic can destabilise or break a system. We take care of your emergencies with our three-step-rescue:
  • Hot-fix the existing system to keep it running temporarily.
  • Develop a transformation plan from the existing system into a new, solid solution.
  • Train your team and get the transformation plan on the way



We are based in London, UK and Hamburg, Germany.

Elias HaaseIbo SyYou?

Ruby on Rails Contractor - Work on platforms for a whole range of great startups

Job Description

We are a small software engineering company based in London. We are looking for a Rails contractor as an addition to our team.
We work on several different systems for a range of Startups at any given time. This means that the tasks the developers encounter are varied and range from system architecture and requirements engineering to development, testing and deploying production systems.
The team works remotely and meets via video chat every day. You have the freedom to manage your time yourself, we don't mind when you work as long as the work gets done. You will regularly meet others from the team and the project managers face-to-face in London, depending on where you are based. We are all developers so no frustration with non-technical managers. bitsilk has flat hierarchies, we just get together as a team, discuss and find a solution.
You will lead development on complete projects together with a project manager who deals with the customer and manages the requirements.
We are looking for someone who feels comfortable deciding core implementation questions autonomously.
Overall it is a very flexible and varied position that will put you in front of a range of technologies together with a great team.

Skills & Requirements

What you should have:

Bonus skills:

About bitsilk

bitsilk was founded by two developers in '08. Over the past years we developed our buiness model, market niche and identity.
We focus on startups and our mission is to provide a complete service from idea to launch and then on to continuous iteration.

Developers know under which circumstances they can do their job best - for ourselves and for the project. That is how bitsilk operates.

bitsilk is flexible and a great place to work (if we may say so ourselves) but we have big ambitions and a vision to take it much further. Since we have flat hierarchies and short ways everyone can have an impact on how the company operates and in which direction we go.

Besides working on client projects we get together to work on fun side projects from time to time. Currently we are building a strategy game using WebGL and NodeJS websockets whenever there is time.

We meet up regularly - virtually and offline - for a beer or a dinner and are planning a retreat in Denmark this winter.

How to apply

If you are interested in working with us, send a message to elias@bitsilk.co.uk with a link to your Github profile (or according) and include a brief description how you would approach implementing multi-step registration in Ruby on Rails as elegantly and with as little impact as possible.



Please contact us at contact@bitsilk.co.uk

or via